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A membership organization for real traders to share, collaborate and constantly grow as traders in Futures and Cryptocurrency

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Navigating the markets is extremely difficult, especially if you go alone.

- Trading groups do NOT have to cost a fortune.

- Don't get held back by other trading educations.

-You were designed for more than living paycheck to paycheck.

- YES, market FOMO is real.

- Trading alone is no fun! 

Without the practical skills, you will lose a fortune trying to beat the market.

Futures Networks Live allows traders to share their thoughts on price action, and collaborate ideas to improve their trading.

Grow Your Portfolio while earning money

FNL members share their thoughts on price action and collaborate ideas to improve their trading in a fun environment.

If you don't know how to trade yet, FNL helps new traders navigate through the many varietal online learning platforms including our very own Trader Creator.


We meet 5 days per week, with over 10 different moderators. 


Members share their trading strategies.


Trade in a fun environment with multiple member events throughout the year!

Futures Networks Live


We're not concerned about dominating the markets.

We're concerned about YOUR trading.

Whether you are trading Futures, Crypto, Equities, or any digital asset, trading can get personal. How you trade depends on your patience and discipline to wait for YOUR zone. At FNL, we help you find YOUR zone based off a strong foundation of Position, Situational Awareness, and Risk Management (PSR). Members also get access to special discounts, coaching, and more!

Online Workshop

Our Presenters

All of our presenters at FNL go through a training and vetting process to ensure you are not thrown to the wolves.

Virtual Team Meeting
Trader Lori

Lori B, FL

FNL is a great group of people that have become more like family to me. The traders at FNL have your best interest at heart because they are in the same boat. We all want to learn, share and grow together and have some fun along the way!. There is a diverse amount of experience from all walks of life. Most of us are just downright interesting and some are truly inspirational. I can't imagine trading with a better group of folks!

Trader Mark

Dr. Mark M, CA

FNL has really become a 2nd family for me. I have grown so much in a short amount of time, not only as a trader, but just as much as a person being supported by such a great group of folks.The amount of support is unlimited at FNL! 

Trader Lydean

Lydean S, OR

FNL has been a great part of my training experience.  Not only is it a group where we share and collaborate what we know and what we have learned and pass on to other members, but we are building relationships that last a lifetime.  No other group offers the support that FNL does and the camaraderie is absolutely fantastic. 

  • Expand Your Trading Zone with the FNL Diamond
    FNL is focused on having traders expand their trading zone to find more opportunities in the market and most of all, have confidence in their setups. Our proprietary trading indicator helps our members expand their trading zone to make consistent and profitable decisions.
  • Trade on YOUR Schedule
    Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced trader, FNL has member support of real, live traders to help you in real time, by utilizing, Q&A in Live Trading Sessions, phone and email support and instant messaging. Topics you may need help with include, but not limited to: Order entry, broker/exchange discovery, setup help, understanding of crypto wallets, foundational knowledge system, risk management, and so much more.
  • Live and Simulated Trading
    There are multiple trading rooms - LIVE. You can also learn to trade in simulation mode, before you begin to trade with real live capital. The simulated practice helps you understand certain skills like order entry, trade/risk management, charting, and price action.
  • Learn multiple digital assets such as Futures, Equities and Crypto!"
    FNL has a Methodology (not a system) to trade. PSR – Position, Situational Awareness, and Risk Management. The basis of PSR applies to any market you want to trade.
  • Our Presenters
    Work with REAL traders who share, collaborate, and learn together! All of our presenters at FNL go through a training and vetting process to ensure you are not thrown to the wolves. There are over 15 presenters so you can chose who and when you like to listen.
  • Certified NinjaTrader Vendor
    FNL is a proud partner with NinjaTrader. All of our members are eligible for a NinjaTrader discount with their lifetime licensing. We offer NinjaTrader resources and live support, so that FNL members have help in getting started. NinjaTrader is an award winning charting and brokerage software. Click here to go to their website.
  • Trader Creator
    Our Trader Creator Series is a knowledge base for the beginner trader, or the experienced trader looking to get back to the basics. It's compiled with videos, workbooks, and live sessions for our members to use at their leisure.

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