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April 2022


New Blog Post:

Transferring Levels to an Execution Chart
Part 1 of 3.  


     In Part 1,  we will introduce how to transfer your key levels from a daily chart to an execution chart (typically 5-minute chart) and start to form a strategy in recognizing ranges of support and resistance. 

In Part 2, we will  follow up with a specific strategy on how a trader can potentially take advantage of said ranges consistently.

     Key levels can be combined with the trend and a trader’s situational awareness of the market to create powerful trading setups. Click here to read more from Travis.

Pie chart

FNL Crypto

  • As of April 1st, 2022, in 24 hours the total Crypto market cap grew by $130 billion & reached $2.17 Trillion.

  • FNL's Chris Lansford speaks with the world's #1 CFP, John Macgregor (Youtube)

FNL Crypto wants to help you:

  1. Learn about Blockchain Technology & Cryptos

  2. Get to know the Tokenomics behind Cryptos

  3. Understand the evolving Internet of Things

  4. Learn about Decentralized Finance, Exchanges, & Applications

Futures Networks.png

The morning show with travis

every morning at 7:30 am ET

If you haven't been attending the 7:30 AM ET Morning Show with Travis you have been missing out! Travis does a superb job of letting folks know what he is looking for (on his screen), and the group looks for a trade that matches and will take the trade together! 

Travis also does a stellar job of helping folks with their NinjaTrader charts and answering questions ranging from channels to levels and everything in between.  Check it out!

FNL Updates and Events

need a study group?
join lydean every wednesday night!


     Wed Night Study Group with Lydean has been going strong! We have been focusing on Finding Levels with Support and Resistance lately and have found traders have been finding excellent results trading level to level.
Over the next 30 days or so, Lydean's study group will start focusing on trading multiple contracts and scaling out of trades to help with the risk management. 
     Fortunately NinjaTrader makes it very simple to set up ATM Strategies that will auto scale you out of trades and we will help you set them up.

     Lydean's Study Group meets from 8-10 pm ET every Wednesday. Trading on the MES is a great tool to help you learn to trade using multiple contracts and you can actually generate a nice revenue stream just on the MES!!

Palm Trees

Florida Social recap

 by Lydean S.

Our Florida social was a smash hit and we are grateful for Lori, Kevin, Chris, and Daisy for hosting us and making us feel like we’re the most important people in the world! The people I get to hang around with and have uplifting, beautiful conversations can carry me over till the next social.

Want to know the surprise of the social? It involves the SWAT team followed by an emergency evacuation due to a bomb threat! Our last night in Florida was, and did meet my expectations of being so exciting and riveting that I definitely can't wait to go back to Florida!!

Lori and Lydean
AZ dinner

FNL Member Spotlight

Titus R.- CA

First Name?

    - Titus James Rustin

Where did you grow up? 

    - Foresthill, CA

Where do you currently live?

    -  Pioneer, CA


Do you have any children? 

    -   Yes 3: Two boys, one girl. Deven- 23,  Xander- 13, Naomi- 7


How long have you been trading? 

    -  Start of 2022

What is your favorite trade?

    -   Dubble bar of key levels (Fib) and EMA


Do you have any pets? 

    - Yes 4 dogs, two cats, one box turtle.


First thing you'd do if you won the lottery? 

    - Get up in the morning and trade.


What is your favorite movie? 

    - A river runs through it

Favorite Song?

    - The cowboy in the continental suit

Favorite hobbies?

    -  Hiking, camping, overlanding 

What super power would you love to have? 

    - See the future or invisible


Who is your celebrity look alike? 

    - Don't have a clue


What is the worst job you have ever had?

    -  Painting 

What is your favorite food? 

    - My Pizza


What is your dream vehicle? 

    - 1999 k1500 suburban heavily modified

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    - A Carpenter

If you could be any animal which would you be and why? 

    - Eagle so I could fly


What makes you unique?

    -  Only My spirit and all my life experience.

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