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September Trader Talk


Using ATR to Choose Your Stop Loss

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Have you back tested a trade zone that doesn’t match the current Futures market? Having problems recognizing the current market? Many traders at FNL have experienced a similar discomfort as the market that built a foundation for them is nowhere to be found.  Check out the most recent blog from Travis:

FNL Trader & Moderator, Randy S., has a weekly podcast! 

Live with your brain turned on

Do you have questions and concerns about current events, propaganda and what we are being told is the truth?  Join trader, moderator and member Randy S as he takes us on a journey of discovery for both the mind and the soul.  

Randy has a super interesting story about how he has lost 140 lbs, did extensive research on Covid, and shares all of his findings.. 


You can subscribe to his substack (great info and pretty darn fun too) by going to the link below and subscribing - Free but donations are encouraged :)

To listen to Randy's LIVE podcast every Tues at 4pm ET you must register here. Again, Free!


ALSO, to watch and listen to Randy's archived podcasts, click here.

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What is going down (no puns intended) with three specific markets?

Crypto markets have been on the decline for all of 2022.  The biggest news is the Ethereum merge from the proof-of-work consensus to proof-of-stake. Majority holdings in 2 specific accounts have the merge in question by Gary Genslar of the SEC and the public alike. In the 4 days since the merge on July 15th, Ethereum has seen well over $400 million decrease in market capitalization and is on the brink of seeing $1200 or even lower per ETH.


FNL Crypto DNA has been waiting for the merge to assess the situation in the crypto market. In 2022, a heavy push in interest in the carbon offset and renewable energy markets play catalyst to changes like the Ethereum merge.  The days of expensive gas fees and mining operations are slowing down. Many blockchain solutions aim to be "GREEN" solutions to transacting data with verifiable consensus. Algorand, Hedera, and NEAR Protocol are providing the layer-1 blockchain solution that meets the standard of clean green energy. Organizations like and VCS Verified Carbon Standard are vetting carbon offset projects to assure that the marketplace sees only single-counted unmanipulated assets or credits.


One industry has yet to pass through the VCS standard assessment and verification process...Solar PV.
Both the U.S. and the solar industry have yet to participate in this VCS until now. Introducing MIRA & the Mirasol Network. The developers and solar industry execs are working to set a gold standard and earn a VCS accommodation via the application process for their solar blockchain MIRA-C Verified Proof-of-Offset solar API Key and credit mining application. In a nutshell---they want to incentive anyone who wants to participate in a new network that provides a vehicle to the carbon economy by producing renewable energy. Residential & commercial solar customers will be receiving an up-to-3-year credit look back on select systems enabling them to participate in the carbon offset market with every 1-ton of CO2 offset they generate. The solar API allows users easy access to the marketplace. How does it work?

Basically, every kilowatt hour generated by solar users is minted into MIRA-C. The data received from an API, or application programming interface, monitors solar kwh generated and data is then verified on the blockchain. 1 kwh=1MIRA-C minted and deposits into user accounts that choose to opt-in to collecting their credits.  Carbon offset and tax credits play a major role in the value of MIRA-C. MIRA aims to incorporate the same VCS in the operation of their decentralized exchange MIRADEX MIRADEX will be the marketplace for MIRA and MIRA-C along with other "GREEN" blockchains. 


Find out more in the upcoming month at and follow the MIRA Roadmap and journey on

FNL Updates and Events

Jim Vasta.jpg

FNL Member Spotlight

Jim V.  

First Name?

    -  Jim V.

Where did you grow up? 

    - Concord California

Where do you currently live?

    -  Martinez California

Do you have any children? 

    - One Daughter


How long have you been trading? 

    -  Almost 4 years

What is your favorite trade?

    - Turn around with the trend.


Do you have any pets? 

    - Dog and cat


First thing you'd do if you won the lottery? 

    - Give most away to charity

What is your favorite movie?

     - Tombstone

Favorite Song?

    - Amazing Grace

Favorite hobbies?

    - Fishing  

What super power would you love to have? 

    - Do away with evil


Who is your celebrity look alike? 

    - Was Tom Selleck but we have both aged


What is the worst job you have ever had?

    - Managing an Industrial supply company for the Power and refining industry.

What is your favorite food? 

    - Biscuits and gravy


What is your dream vehicle? 

    - New Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 loaded

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    - First was Astronaut then  Wildlife Biologist

If you could be any animal which would you be and why? 

    - Grizzly Bear because you could roam the forests without a care in the world.


What makes you unique?

    - Nothing unique about me, just an everyday common person.

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