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January 2023 Trader Talk



2022 has a been a stellar year for FNL. We introduced the FNL OB 30 trade which has been a game changer for trading opening bell!  FNL members also focused on building levels and trading level to level with targets for profit while still maintaining our strict risk management.  Keep an eye out for the Close of Day trade that grabs momentum at closing bell  :)


attention members:

Member's Center is now available on!

2023 is going to be our best year yet, with a BIG site migration to our .com site! 

What does that mean if you're a member? 

You'll be receiving an email from us to set up your username and password, so you can start using the Member's Center on this website.

The new Member's Center is easier to use and navigate compared to the previous version. If you have any questions, reach out and we'll be happy to help!

first hour box 4.png

Pre opening bell

The Pre Opening Bell session has helped many FNL traders with a plan for the day. We are not here to predict where the price is going, but have a plan for when it goes there! Check out the FNL YouTube channel for past Pre OB sessions.  Look for FNL to resume these sessions once or twice a week in early 2023.

Trade Risk Sheet

The FNL Trade Risk sheet has been a instrumental to help our traders manage their risk with multiple contracts and not become overleveraged.

FNL Trade Guide 

Our FNL Trade Guide has solidified our foundational trade, built on PSR - Position, Situational Awareness and Risk Management.

Congrats, NinjaTrader!

Best Brokerage 3 Years in a row!

Our partnership with NinjaTrader is as strong as ever, and kudos to Ninja for winning Best Brokerage for Trading Futures at Benzinga Global Fintech Awards for Third Consecutive Year!

FNL Updates and Events


If you are looking to build or solidify your foundation, look to trade multiple contracts while managing risk or just want to hang with fellow traders, FNL is here for you!


FNL Member Spotlight

Rob B., CA

First Name?

    -  Rob B.

Where did you grow up? 

    - Seattle, WA

Where do you currently live?

    - Mokelumne Hill, CA (northern california mountains)

Do you have any children? 

    - 2, Courtney 26 and Gillian 22


How long have you been trading? 

    -  6 years (last 2 have been the most important to finding MY zone)

What is your favorite trade?

    - 123 turnaround and breakout.. FNL OB 30 is becoming my fav!


Do you have any pets? 

    - Klaus, 8 yr old German Shepard, Miley 2 year old German Shepard and Steve, 14 yr old Turtle


First thing you'd do if you won the lottery? 

    - Fund every current members trading account at FNL!

What is your favorite movie?

     -  Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Favorite Song?

    - 46 & 2 by TOOL

Favorite hobbies?

    - Fishing and Poker

What super power would you love to have? 

    - Freeze time


Who is your celebrity look alike? 

    - Tom Arnold


What is the worst job you have ever had?

    - Roofing tear off in 100 degree heat

What is your favorite food? 

    - Sushi


What is your dream vehicle? 

    - All terrain vehicle that Titus builds 

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    - honestly cannot remember, but I loved all sports.

If you could be any animal which would you be and why? 

    - Golden Eagle, largest bird in California that soars like no other.


What makes you unique?

    - Ability to pull people together for a common cause

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