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Transition can be tough!


For the last 5 years, I have spent ample amounts of time in a different trading group. I have only good things to say about that group as I know it helped me build the foundation of a successful trader. I learned a ton from the owner and other traders in the group. While none of the information I learned was proprietary, or ground breaking new info, the way it was presented and organized allowed me to build a foundation which I will never forget.

After careful consideration, I decided to move on and was offered and opportunity with Futures Networks Live, to help build an infrastructure of sharing and collaboration and to develop an approach for new traders to help them build their foundation. We don’t have a list of “rules” to follow, but we do have a set of guidelines to help a trader create their own rules based on PSR. Position, Situational Awareness and Risk Management, which is the foundation of Trader Creator, the collaboration of Dean, myself, and the help of many other experienced traders.

When you are transitioning in anything, especially trading, you must assume that there will be a curve. That curve typically will be down before it goes up. We see this in market every single day. Learning the curve and the transitions is what will allow you as a trader, to get in the flow of the market.

There has been many a day in the last few months, that I have NOT been able to get in the flow of the market. I found myself forcing the price action to find a trade, instead of WAITING for my spot. Waiting for the trade to come to me. When I can see confluence on multiple indicators that support my trade decision, my confidence goes sky high. Right now, I have days of being in my zone and days of not being in my zone.

My goal over the next 30 days is to be more consistent in my decision making when I'm on my live account. When I am not seeing the Price Action like I normally would, I have to recognize this and not trade live money. Go on my SIM, play in our FNL SimMillions tourneys and have fun!!

MTFA!! Make Trading Fun Again!

Trade Well at FNL!

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