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Support/Resistance - Recognizing Levels in your Trading with Anthony Crudele

Have you ever had a time in your life when you hear some one talk and as they were speaking, a voice in your head was saying “I should have thought of that” or “It is so easy to see when explained that way!”

Well, the FNL community was treated to one of those moments when friend of FNL and Futures Radio Show host, Anthony Crudele, was LIVE in the FNL Trading room on Sept 14, 2021 going into a deep dive on his favorite setup to recognize support and resistance and his levels when trading. "Deli" goes into detail on how he has developed a strategy based on Bollinger Bands and Fibonacci levels.

We recommend you first watch his his YouTube video from May, 2020 here for a quick overview.

Then check out his deeper dive into his favorite setup his session with FNL here:

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