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Sharing/Collaborating to Improve your Skill

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African proverb

In my world it’s all about trading, fishing and poker. Not necessarily in that order! Successful folks in any of the those listed above (and many others) collaborate with their comrades to help them become better at their chosen skill. There is no if‘s and‘s or but's. You will see it at the highest levels of any skill. Let’s look at a few examples.

Trading. You may laugh but Twitter a.k.a. FinTwit has a community of traders that help each other daily. Talk with Anthony Crudele, Tom Canfield, Jimmy Jude, ChiGirl, Julia Cordova, TrailerPark Helen to name a few of the variety of folks that share on a regular basis.

Sharing can be everything from how Julia Cordova draws her levels and shares these levels. How Anthony Crudele uses the Bollinger Bands and 10 day SMA, or how Tom Canfield talks about the pitfalls that occur in trading due to making it too complex. Keep it simple stupid.. Be dumb, follow price.


Trust me, these folks also have an inside group that they collaborate with to help them grow as traders and in life. And guess what, a lot of times they will bring a smile or laugh to your day!!

Check out these awesome traders on the Twitter machine:

@AnthonyCrudele @Canny4 @Jimmyjude13 @chigrl @CordovaTrades @HelenTrailer

Now let’s look at the fishing world. On the elitist of elite in bass fishing either Major League Fishing or Bassmaster Elite series there are tournament circuits that travel the country with HUGE payouts. Typically these tournaments will award around $100K for 1st place.. You will find professionals that room together while on the road, sharing and collaborating on strategies. Go follow Jacob Wheeler, Mark Daniels Jr, Scott Martin, Dustin Connell on YouTube and you’ll see how they share and collaborate and together build relationships and constantly improve at their chosen skill. They never settle for status quo.

Well how about poker? Online forums have served as a phenomenal area for poker players to share and collaborate. Private Skype chats with poker players that form groups collaborate on hand histories and how they might’ve played a hand differently are everywhere. Typically when one goes to play tournament poker in Las Vegas at the WSOP, players might share the cost of a house during WSOP and you can be assured they will be sharing and collaborating!

These type of endeavors can be done alone but I’ll tell you what, if you can find a community that will help support and grow your skill your chances of succeeding and enjoying what you’re doing increase substantially.

One of the things I truly enjoy most about FNL is the sharing and collaborating we do in our trading sessions every day.. From beginner to advanced there are lessons to be learned from every trader at FNL!

Trade Well at FNL!

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