Being the Social Director at FNL - What it means to me

Being the Social Director for FNL has brought me so much joy and happiness. Sure, the planning of fantastic parties is awesome, but truly the relationships I have built with the FNL members is truly a blessing.

There is a certain kind of magic that happens when a group of people, like the FNL folks, get together. It's indescribable in the sense that when you're a little jaded most of your life and you come into a zoom trading room session and are welcomed with open arms, uplifted and are willing to help you no matter who you are - you think - is this for real? Well I can tell you for certain, it's very real and very authentic!

Over the last couple of years, I have had everything from hospitalization, passing away of family members and plethora of daily problems with my other business. When I step into the trading room, my FNL family uplifts me, honestly cares for me and more often than not, turns my day around.

Our FNL Socials are designed to bring our members together. To break away from the monotony of our days as traders, moms, dads, wives, husbands, grandparents etc. FNL is not just a trading group that shares and collaborates about trading, but truly has become a second family to me, which I cannot put a price on.

I'm so blessed to be the Social Director and bring folks together outside of a zoom meeting, break bread and share our experiences together. Laugh and cry together, but most of all, build relationships that will last a lifetime.

I've often thought, why did FNL ask me to be the Social Director? I put a lot of thought into why and what I really came up with is that I'm the one that probably needs it the most. For ME! I'm the one that needs to be surrounded by these fine folks because I need them more than they need me. That's exactly what happens when you become part of FNL! There is so much respect and love within our community that it just embraces me in more ways than I can even describe.

I have been around these folks enough to know the sincerity and genuine love that they have. I never saw this type of sincerity at other companies that had holiday parties or get-togethers. People put on a façade at those "company parties", get thru the event then go back to their lives.

Well I'm here to tell you that after our socials are over and we go back to our zoom trading sessions, the love and respect carries over right into the sessions and back into the group.

I can honestly say that I love everyone in our group and I am certain that FNL will have a place for me as long as I desire and I am truly grateful.

Lydean S, FNL Social Director

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