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Backtesting Strategies in 2022 with FNL and Derek D!

Futures Networks Live is excited for 2022 to begin! Our team is pleased to announce that beginning in January, we will have classes on how to use NinjaTrader for backtesting data! Backtesting improves your confidence & ability to trust your track record as you begin to see repeating patterns in the price action, which helps improve your overall trading ROI.

FNL has a Time of Day Strategy and a Directional Strategy that we can backtest up to 11 years of data. This process continues to build a SOLID foundation, on top of our PSR method of trading that looks at the big picture first, and then focuses down to the current Price Action!

One of our members, Bill E. from Arkansas, has been using these tools for a few months now and we’ve all seen his confidence grow, especially in his live trading!

From renowned trader and psychology expert Mark Douglas “Who in his right mind would want to pilot a 747 without thousands of hours of flying experience and proper flight simulation time?...The same goes for Trading!"

Here is a great article on the science of back testing that is a highly recommended read:

Times for these classes will be announced soon and if you have a preference be sure to email us at

Our plan is to start right after the New Year which will allow for clean year-over-year comparisons! Our goal is to teach everyone how to use these unique tools that we’ve developed AND to build a database of the most profitable trades!

Don’t fret if you don’t have NinjaTrader Software, as you can be a vital part of our back testing efforts DURING our classes to see if your trading style could improve, and you’ll have access to the data that we uncover!

The interest has been strong by our FNL Traders and we are encouraged with so many traders that would like to participate.

Please email to be included in this backtesting program.

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